I’m Mauricio Disilvestro

and I build WordPress websites since 1982


– In person or Skype –
When not in a hurry, working side by side together can actually be fun!

By Coaching I mean I fix all those little details that you get stuck and frustrated with. Familiar with this?

Either when fine tuning / customizing an already existing website or starting one from scratch, the best part of Coaching is that we don’t have to exchange 86 mails for feedback rounds…
I get your points straight away and this makes the process smoother!

So, if you’d like to get your website done smoothly and with my friendly company, reach out by clicking the Call to Action on the left side


For all the Web Developer wannabes out there:
Stay tuned! WordPress and CSS Tutorials coming soon,
narrated by my serious Alter Ego.

WordPress Web Development

Despite being a bit funny, I work with some serious clients.
Here are some of them:



And they are all satisfied with my work.
Or at least, they say so…

  • Ishara Fernando

    Mauricio was thoughtful and very responsive throughout our work. He took initiative and prepared some options prior to our first Skype call and was diligent in ensuring we were on the same page throughout development of our webpage. Mauricio was resourceful in finding solutions and was receptive to feedback. Our organisation is highly satisfied with the end product and the stress-free communication to get to a good final result.
    I highly recommend Mauricio's services for your website needs.


I also made this video to convince you:

Ok, that’s what I needed to hear… You convinced me.

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