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We Recommend the Divi Theme Builder: Here’s Why

When it comes down to building your WordPress website, the Divi Theme Builder from Elegant Themes has to be the pick of the litter. If you are familiar with this builder, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise it’s the one we use, and highly recommend to our clients. If you aren’t familiar yet, then scroll along and read our ode to the Divi Theme Builder.



What is a theme?

Simply put, themes are the collective files that determine how your website looks and what features it has. It consists out of stylesheets and templates filled with code. This code will make sure all titles on your website are visible in a certain font, for example.

If you’re a WordPress user, you may know that WordPress has a library with various themes to choose from. But you’ll also know, many of the themes come with a set style which is not always fully customizable. That’s where Divi’s distinctiveness stands out from the crowd.

Working with the Divi Theme Builder ensures your website is exactly the way you want it. With its visual website builder, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in endless pages filled with code. Forget compromising, because every single element on your website is highly customizable. This gives the flexibility to design the ultimate website you had in mind all along.



If you don’t have the exact blueprints for your website in your head, opt for one of the ready-to-use themes. Divi has a library full of them, which you only have to customize to your own needs.

There is an extensive number of themes to choose from, so there will always be one that fits your needs. Whether you need a static page website, or one with multiple pages. Photos and graphics are included and free to use, so if you don’t have imagery for your website yet, you’re still all set to go online.



An example of a beautifully crafted theme is the so-called Yoga Studio. A clean design will show your visitors what you have to offer in an instance. There’s the option to include a blog, and to show classes you offer. Whether you actually own a yoga studio, or you offer a completely different service, this theme can be molded into whatever you want. Ready to play around with it? A live demo can be found here.



Another example of an all-round theme is Copywriter. This theme gives a little more space for imagery and a portfolio, making it a viable option for any freelancer aiming to show off their work. Adding your blog and an overview of your pricing gives potential clients a clear overview of who you are and what they can expect. Explore a live demo version of Copywriter here.


Our Clients

As you may have realized by now, we’re big fans of the Divi Theme ourselves. We have successfully built many websites for various clients in the past using Divi. Here are some examples:

Online Kurse Berufungsschule
This one-page website for an online vocational school offers various courses, where visitors can sign-up for online. Divi was used to clearly show what services are offered and give the option to enroll digitally.

AJ&Smart creates digital products for companies worldwide. Their approach differs from standard agencies, so they needed a website with enough room to show the world who they are and what they do.

BM Toolbox
Business Model Toolbox engages in innovating and developing business models. Their website looks compact, and with content that’s easy to navigate, they communicate a clear image of their core values.

Neuromed Berlin
This website was made for two neurologists based in Berlin, showcasing their knowledge and services. Easing potential clients by showing exactly what they can expect and giving them the option to book an appointment online, makes this website complete.



While we’re raving on about how easy Divi is, we hear you thinking: “Yeah sure, obviously it is easy for you web developers.” We’re not going to lie, you’re right. But we are fully convinced it can also be for you, because Divi is known for its user-friendliness. Additionally, a helping hand is never a far reach when using Divi.

Fun fact: Divi even has a bit of a cult-following, affectionately called the DiviNation. A Facebook Group solely dedicated to Divi has 55k likes and counting. So, if you don’t trust our opinion, know that we’re not alone!

Elegant Themes has documentation readily available for users as well, for example this video explaining the visual builder it is known for:

Different employees can contribute to your Divi-developed website by publishing content, easily making your website a team-effort. We offer coaching, so that you (and optionally your employees) can take on most of the work, but don’t have to worry about fixing the little details whenever you get stuck.


Photo by Halacious on Unsplash


Divi is an allrounder that with its visual builder is a breeze to use. Building a website with this theme is like drawing one, turning your thoughts into functioning website elements on the spot.

If you’re interested in developing your website with us coaching you from the sidelines, reach out to arrange a call and we’ll go over the details with you.